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30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge

A mental detox is the process of clearing your mind to achieve better presence, balance, and peace. 

While most of us are familiar with the terms “cleanse” or “detox” it’s common to associate them with more diet related activities. 

But what about your mind? 

What is a mental detox?

A mental cleanse, or mental detox, is the process of clearing your mind, or freeing up enough space in your cluttered thoughts, to achieve better presence, balance, and peace. 

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The good news is that a mental cleanse doesn’t require obscene amounts strength, much time or endless energy to achieve result.  The process is a little different for everyone but the first thing to remember is that the activities of that process should be meaningful to you.  Creating a personalized 30-day mental wellness challenge can offer a new way to unlock that better version of you.

As a first step, identify one activity each day for the next 30 days that fits you well.  Fitting you well doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to achieve, but the activities of your 30-day challenge should resonate with you in a way that feels meaningful.  If you don’t use any form of social media, then taking a social media break isn’t meaningful and does nothing to help you achieve the result you desire. 

30 ideas for a 30-day mental cleanse challenge

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1. Write down 3 words that describe how you feel today.  Write down 3 words that describe how you want to feel in 30 days from today. 

Don’t spend a lot of time on this one or pressure yourself to do a deep dive.  Keep it simple.

2. Create a mental highlight reel

Take a few minutes to think about the things you have accomplished in life.  A time when you persevered and came out stronger, a time when you were fearful but kept going, a time when you worked hard and achieved – shut your brain down for a moment and allow yourself to feel those memories.  Whether it was a presentation you rocked, a race you finished or the day you paid off a major debt, create your mental highlight reel and remind yourself what you’re capable of.  Revisit it often and press play.

3. Get outside for 20 minutes

Reap the reward of fresh air and the benefits of connecting with nature.  If you don’t have 20 consecutive minutes of free time, then break it up.

4. Laugh!

Remember that one time, at band camp?  No, really.  We all have those memories that we think back to, ones we enjoyed with family members or a close friend, where we could not stop laughing.  It’s just as funny now as it was then.  Reach out to someone you shared a belly laugh with and take a few minutes to relive a hilarious moment.  You’ll get yourself laughing and maybe even spread the positive vibes to someone else.

5. Write down 3 things you are grateful for

Don’t overthink it or pressure yourself to sound profound.  Sure, your children rank high on the list, but it’s ok to be grateful for that amazing cup of coffee this morning too!  Becoming aware of even the smallest things to be grateful can have a big impact.  The result of such a consistent practice of gratitude is contagious.  Your mind craves more of that appreciative feeling and seeks it out.  You begin to consistently notice the good in your day even when challenges are present, making those challenges easier to navigate.  

6. Sit in silence for 5 minutes

If you aren’t used to meditating, this may feel uncomfortable at first, but spending time in such an intentional way helps to reset yourselfand the benefits of those peaceful five minutes will last far longer.

7. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual

Most of us do not get the amount of sleep our bodies truly need.  But adequate sleep is crucial for our mental and physical health.  A lack of sleep can influence your mood as well as emotional reactivity, making it more difficult to navigate daily challenges. Better sleep starts with improving your sleep habits so evaluate your bedtime routine and make necessary adjustments.  Even little things like shutting down electronics earlier or decreasing the temperature in the room may produce big benefits.  

8. Schedule a day off within the next month

Whether you are self-employed, a stay at home parent or an employee of a company, open your calendar and pick a day within the next month to take off.  Yes, it is possible to do this no matter which category you fall into.  If you are a stay-at-home parent, think about what you will need to plan in advance in order to make this happen – a babysitter or help from family members or friends. 

If you are self-employed, cast away any potential feelings of guilt.  And if you are employed by a company, realize that the work will still be there the next day and, yes, your team will be just fine without you for the day.  In order for you to show up as the best version of yourself for your family, your business or your team, it is crucial that you step away and recharge your own battery.

9. Drink 64oz. of water each day

This may seem like a daunting task but let go of that number and chunk it down into more manageable pieces.  On average, you have 16 awake hours during the day.  Set a timer for every 2 hours and drink 8 oz of water.  Or keep a 32 oz refillable water bottle handy and set a goal to finish it once after lunch and once more before bed.  Drinking water provides your body with amazing benefits like protection for your spinal cord, lubrication for your joints and body temperature regulation. If you don’t get the daily water your body needs, it won’t function properly and will become dehydrated.  Boost your mental clarity and physical health by hydrating with the proper amount of water every day.

10. Play a game of solitaire

A round of solitaire is a great way to take 10 minutes and pause the hamster wheel your brain is running on.  It will refocus your brain with a healthy distraction of a mind clearing activity. 

11. Spend 10 minutes in self-reflection

If something like meditation is out of your comfort zone right now, just keep your focus positive for 10 minutes.  Sit with a question like, “What do I love about my life right now?” It will promote a gratitude mindset which is contagious for further positivity in your day and the realization of recognizing opportunities over challenges.  If you struggle with the thought of journaling this can be a great way to start as well. 

12. No social media for a day

Not only is this possible but, I promise, you will survive! Take a break from your perceived vision of other people’s lives or the evaluation of your own that social media inevitably brings. Make it more difficult to access and push all your social media apps to the last screen of your phone or hide your social media accounts from the bookmark on your laptop. The benefits of a social media detox of even just one day can be impactful.

13. Make it a phone free night with family members or loved ones

Get everyone in your house engaged and pick an activity to do together.  Break out a board game, stream a movie or get outside after dinner.

14. Send a card

Pick a family member, friend or other loved one and write to them.  It doesn’t have to be long, or even profound.  Even just a simple hello can be enough to make someone feel thought of and special.  At the same time it reminds you of another reason to be grateful for the wonderful people in your life.

15. Change your bedding

There is just something so peaceful and calming about climbing into a clean set of sheets.  Whether it’s that “fresh out of the dryer” smell or the feel of a newly tucked corner, get your sleep off to a great start.

16. Make a new recipe

Break up the carousel of the same old dinners and branch out.  Add a little spice to your routine with something different.  Try replicating a restaurant favorite or challenge yourself to eat something new for the first time.  If you need inspiration, ask a friend for their favorite recipe or head to Pinterest and type in some ingredients you have on hand to see what other options pop up.

17. Go meatless for the day

This is harder for some people than others, but the point here is to get creative and think out of the box.  Challenge yourself to view the opportunity as a way to be creative rather than limited.

18. Wear a bright color

Pick the brightest piece of clothing, or an accessory you own and build an outfit around it.  There is a ton of research supporting the impact that colors have on our mood and how they can affect our energy.  Wake up your mind and mood with a fresh pop of color.

19. Start your day with an inspiring quote

Before the demands of the day begin, search up one quote that resonates with you and keep it somewhere you can easily access it throughout the day.  Quotes can be a quick way to reframe, reset or reinforce some welcomed positivity in the day.  If you want to find a powerful quote quickly, here are 50 confidence boosting quotes and 14 quotes to inspire action.

20. Write down 1 positive affirmation

Grab a sticky note and write down a short, positive “I am” statement.  “I am enough.” “I am strong.” “I am deserving.” “I am getting better every day.” “I am successful.”  “I am grateful.” “I am patient.”  “I am capable.” “I am building my own future.” Keep your sticky note somewhere you can see it throughout the day.  Take it with you and keep it in your pocket or make it the lock screen on your phone.  One positive affirmation is all you need to begin reshaping your self-talk.  Some research indicates you need to hear something anywhere from 7-9 times to properly retain the message.  Start practicing with your own self-talk.   

21. Read for at least 15 minutes

If you love books and already have one picked out, great.  But if you’re not one for novels that’s ok!  Find an article on a topic or person that interests you, read through a listing of powerful quotes or pick up a magazine.  And no, social media scrolling does not count for 15 minutes of reading! 

22. Disable unnecessary smart phone notifications

Almost every app you download asks you to allow notifications.  But do you really need them?  Of course there are some notifications that are more time sensitive and may require your attention but, in general, most do not.  There are features that allow you to batch your less significant notifications into one delivery a day.  Decide which notifications truly deserve your immediate attention and disable, or batch, the rest.  And yes, it’s ok to silence your group chats too!

23. Unsubscribe from junk mail or unused apps

Clutter is not just the physical piles you see on your desk or kitchen counter.  Digital clutter can be just as detrimental to your mental well-being.  Free up space to think and process by getting rid of any unused or outdated apps.  Go through your inbox and unsubscribe to unnecessary ads or spam.  Still getting emails from the youth sports organization that your now college-aged child used to play baseball for?  Unsubscribe and clean out.

24. Reorganize your phone apps

There may be some apps you just can’t part with, but do they deserve the valuable real estate of the first screen or two on your phone?  If you’re swiping 5 times to the right, multiple times a day, to access your email then it’s time to reorganize your apps in a more efficient way.  Clean up digital clutter by keeping your most commonly used apps front and center to promote organization and efficiency.

25. Engage all your family members in a phone free meal

This is a rule in our house during dinner but it still needs a gentle reminder from time to time.  If you have children, depending on their age, getting them to talk about their day can be as difficult as running a marathon. But phone free meals don’t have to carry that kind of pressure.  Throw on some music or get the kids engaged by having them pick their favorite songs to play.  The point is to be present in some way.

26. Write down 3 things that no longer deserve your energy

Post it where you can see it every day. I cannot stress the positive impact of this one enough.  Revisit these 3 things as often as possible.

27. Unfollow the negativity

Clean out your friends list on social media. No one cares about how many people follow you or your snap score, true story.  Those folks are way to consumed by themselves to care about you.

28. Swap out “I have to” with “I get to”

Grab a tissue for this one and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Chances are you are balancing a full plate – and that plate can feel overwhelming.  But it won’t always be this way.  Your responsibilities ebb and flow over time.  Some of the things that are on your plate now will not be there down the road, simply because you, your children, or your loved ones, will grow out of them.  It stinks to have to walk your dog in the rain.  But there will come a day when you would trade so much just to smell that wet dog one more time.  It can be exhausting to wash sports uniforms at 11pm so they’re ready for the next morning of play.  But that last day of play “forever” will come and, along with it, the wish for one more late night load of wash.  Today, reframe “I have to” with “I get to” and shift the negative thoughts to gratitude.

29. Listen to music while you make dinner

Give your mind a break from the recap of the day or all the things that still remain on your to-do list.  Take a few minutes while you’re browning the ground beef, boiling the pasta or reheating the soup and throw on a couple of tunes.  Extra points if you pick a throw back song that reminds you of a fun time or a song that gets everyone in the house singing!

30. Write down 3 things you learned about yourself over the last 30 days

Whether you choose some of the suggestions from this post, or you come up with your own daily activities, I guarantee that you have surprised yourself in the last 30 days in some way.  You experienced a benefit that you weren’t expecting, accomplished something you previously believed to be too difficult to try or simply just slowed down and became more present.  Take a few moments to reflect on what felt great, what you would like to continue to do and what else you might like to try as a result.

While it may be tempting to try and implement as many of these things as possible on a daily basis, setting a goal to build one or two of these activities into your ongoing routine will produce positive result to your overall mental well-being.

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