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67 Powerful Affirmations to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Using daily affirmations and positive self talk can help build confidence, boost self-esteem and increase self-efficacy.

If your knowledge and appreciation for positive affirmations starts and stops with Stuart Smalley of Saturday Night Live, read on. 

In today’s world, the overwhelming benefit and resulting reality of incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine can be life changing and catapult your personal growth. And there’s science behind it.

Check out my list of 67 positive affirmations below for more inspiration!

What are affirmations and how do they work?

An affirmation is a positive statement, brief phrase, or word, that challenges low self-esteem, negative self-talk, destructive thoughts, self-doubt, and the practice of self-sabotaging behaviors. Affirmations are practical, typically short and sweet, and crystal clear in asserting the truth.

With consistent use, the positive self-talk of affirmations seeks to disrupt and rewire negative thought patterns in your brain. Over time, reciting these positive and powerful thoughts hijack the neural pathways in your brain and begin to replace the unhelpful thoughts, or cognitive biases, with your new affirmed truths. With consistent practice, those truths form a positive feedback loop of sorts which ultimately infiltrates your subconscious mind. 

If it sounds hokey, then take solace in the fact that there are numerous scientific studies supporting this process and the positive effects produced. 

Still not sold?  Here is some further research to check out if you love the “science-y” stuff!

What is the power of an affirmation and what will it do for you?

Affirmations are much more than just positive statements.

You have probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” but the same holds true for “You are what you think.” Because what you think gives way to what you believe. 

If you find yourself churning in a blender of negative thoughts and cognitive biases, then those resulting limiting beliefs are now what you believe to be true about yourself. These negative thoughts are either holding you back, bringing you down or even worse, creating a breeding ground for self-fulfilled prophecies to play out.

Routinely using affirmation statements can create a powerful foundation for building the necessary self-esteem, confidence and self-worth that is required to act or advance life change. The resulting motivation and elevated confidence levels that affirmations bring can inspire you to take steps to initiate positive and supportive action towards achieving your goals or just simply living a more fulfilled life. 

The best part? 

Changing your inner voice allows wonderful things to occur for both your physical and mental health. The effects of consistently using affirmations can boost your mood which ultimately supports more efficient coping strategies for responding to stressful situations. Since we all know the ugly role stress can play in attacking our physical health, as well as our mental health, this is a huge win-win for your quality of life. And this method of cultivating a more positive mindset comes with no extra cost.

How to write powerful affirmations

The best affirmations are the ones that are most meaningful to you.

Here are some tips for creating affirmations that work best for you:

  • Keep them brief and use simple words. It should be something you can easily memorize to repeat often. A short and sweet, sentence that’s anywhere from 3-8 words is usually best. One-word affirmations can be extremely powerful too.
  • Make them specific and important to you. Think about what’s bringing you down or holding you back. What are those thoughts telling you? Those are the ones to rewrite!
  • Write in the present tense.
  • Use words like “I” or “My.”
  • Exclude any negative words like “don’t,” “won’t,” or “can’t.”

When to use affirmations

For positive affirmations to be effective, comfortable or second nature, they must be used and used often. The first step is to commit to reciting daily affirmations multiple times throughout the day, every single day. Keep your favorite affirmations in places where you will be reminded of them regularly.

Tips for how to use affirmations

  1. Write them down or make affirmation cards. On index cards, in your journal, on sticky notes. Place them all around the house and in your office.
  2. Make them your screen savers.  Change the lock screen on your phone to be a positive affirmation. According to one study, Americans check their phone a whopping 344 times per day – that’s once every 4 minutes!
  3. Set reminders on your phone to recite your affirmation every hour.
  4. Say them out loud. This may seem like a little thing, but it’s huge – and a great way to accelerate the process of building your confidence. Think it then speak it.
  5. Recite your affirmation the moment you feel insecurity creeping in. Use it as a tool when faced with temptation or difficult decision-making.
  6. Speak an affirmation before a big moment. A presentation, meeting, important call, or any type of crucial conversation.
  7. Center in on your positive affirmations during quiet moments such a times of meditation or as you go to sleep.

Need some inspiration for your affirmations?

Check out this list of 67 positive affirmations to help you craft your own self-esteem boosting mantra:

1. My body is strong.

2.      My mind is strong.

3.      I am intelligent and capable of navigating challenge.

4.      I am open minded and able to see all options.

5.      I am at peace with myself.

6.      I act with confidence in all I do.

7.      I am resilient.

8.      I navigate challenge gracefully.

9.      My life is abundant.

10.  I am capable of positive change.

11.  I deserve a healthy relationship.

12.  I deserve the compliments that I receive.

13.  I am a valuable person.

14.  I am happy to be me.

15.  I am a valuable contributor.

16.  I appreciate who I am.

17.  I value myself as a person.

18.  I am courageous.

19.  My future is bright.

20.  My future is positive.

21.  I am proud of who I am.

22.  I deserve to relax.

23.  I deserve to be happy.

24.  I can leave anything that doesn’t serve me well.

25.  I am making my health a priority.

26.  I am learning to ask for what I need.

27.  I am embracing the aging process.

28.  I control my reality.

29.  I appreciate my body.

30.  I embrace my happiness.

31.  I am inspiring to others.

32.  I have a positive and thankful mindset.

33.  I am grateful.

34.  I enjoy the present moment.

35.  Money flows freely to me.

36.  I can control my spending habits and save money.

37.  I am smart.

38.  My body is beautiful.

39.  I am in control of my emotions, thoughts, and actions.

40.  Peaceful thoughts flow through my mind and body.

41.  I am capable of releasing anxiety and tension.

42. I am enough.

43.  I am proud of myself.

44.  I can figure out anything.

45. I am persistent.

46.  I attract positive people into my life.

47.  I can step out of my comfort zone.

48. I can do anything that I put my mind to.

49.  I am fearless.

50. There is no obstacle that I cannot overcome in life.

51.  I can do hard things.

52. Others love to be around me.

53. I deserve to be successful.

54. I am successful.

55. Why not me?

56. Today is going to be a good day for me.

57. I choose a positive outlook.

58. I make good decisions.

59. My life is full and complete.

60. My own validations are enough.

61. I respect myself.

62. I am loved.

63. People respect and admire me.

64. I am learning to trust others.

65. I can make a difference.

66. I am blessed in life.

67. I am worth it.