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5 Ways to Reset in Five Minutes or Less

Let’s be honest.  Life is hectic and, at times, downright chaotic. 

And while an island getaway complete with butler service and late morning sleep in’s sounds like a perfect way to reset, it’s not always realistic.

Heck, carving out an hour for a massage doesn’t even seem practical most days!

But there are some easier, more realistic ways to hit the reset button that don’t require much effort but still pay decent dividends!

Here are 5 practical ways to reset yourself in five minutes or less:

1. Chunk it down

Pull back and survey the big picture.  Almost anything in life is a process.  You wouldn’t expect your hairstylist to achieve the end result in one snip.  Instead, you appreciate that they methodically go one section at a time to give you those lovely locks.  Be the stylist of your own goals or to-do list.  What tasks can you categorize, or section off, into smaller and more manageable pieces? 

2. Slow your roll

Hitting the pause button is not detrimental, it’s healthy.  The thought of slowing down is scary for some people but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or signal laziness.  Keep it simple. Find the little cracks of time in your day and do something to reset yourself.  It could be as minimal as turning the radio off in the car while you’re on your way to work or shuttling kids between activities.  Or something as small as closing your eyes and taking few deep breaths, lighting your favorite scented candle while you take a shower or getting down on the floor to pet your dog.  What is one way you can pause today?

3. Revisit your boundaries

Your time is a valuable asset, spend it wisely and learn how to protect it to serve what is most important – be picky.  If you find yourself struggling to do the cold turkey version of saying “no” to things then try creating a “no, but” list.  “No, I can’t ____, but I can ______.”  This is a great exercise for those of us (hand raised) who sometimes struggle with feelings of guilt.  For instance, “No, I can’t attend the entire event, but I can stop by for an hour.”  What is something on your current list that can be modified with a “no, but” response?

4. Check your perspective

Your plate is full, no doubt.  But how much of it will matter in two weeks, two months or two years from now?  Are you operating on autopilot under the self-assumption that it all MUST get done now?  Everything can seem important in the moment, but “everything” can’t also be a priority.  Pause, what can you reevaluate?

5. Delegate your duties

This is a tricky one for those of us that can sometimes have a tough time asking for help.  But, again, keep it simple.  Take a quick inventory of what lies ahead and pick things that can easily be taken care of by someone, or something, else.  Remember, small delegations can create big impact in the form of stress reduction.  Arranging for grocery delivery, instead of going to the store, may save you hours.  Ordering dinner out once a week during an extra busy month may provide just enough reprieve for your calendar.  Look for all the ways to offload or automate routine tasks. 

We can all benefit by taking the time to reset.  Don’t let the concept of resetting become overwhelming.  Take five minutes and practice with one of the techniques above for a quick, yet effective reprieve!