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Your Attitude is the Problem. Here’s How to Fix It.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

Bravo, Captain Jack Sparrow – well said.  I can almost see heads nodding in full acknowledgement of such common sense.  Yet how many of us are truly aware of how our own attitude impacts our ability to problem solve and move forward?

Your attitude reflects your settled way of thinking about someone or something.  A positive or pleasant attitude can serve you well, support you, guide you, improve your overall outlook on life in general and make you one of those magnetic personalities. 

On the flip side, a negative or resistive attitude can derail your success, act as a barrier for progress, become unfortunately contagious to those around you and let’s not forget, make you miserable to associate with. We all know that person.

Time to get honest with yourself though.  What is your default attitude when personal or professional challenges are presented? Don’t be super quick to give yourself a boatload of credit here.  If you’re hearing phrases in your head like, “I always see the bright side…” then dig a little deeper.  Think back to a time when a problem surfaced and instead you felt something like, “I am so sick and tired of this.  This will never work, it’s not possible. Total waste of time.”  We have all had those moments. 

So how can you adjust your attitude differently when dealing with those inevitable challenges next time? 

It’s simple and can be done in two steps.

  1. Take notice of your demeanor or mindset when the problem arises.  Which voice is coming through loud and clear?  If the noise is negative, then the key is to become aware of the room for improvement – THAT is the space where personal growth happens.
  2. Make the deliberate and intentional choice to reframe your resistance, discontent or overall pessimism.

When you consciously invite a more positive and open-minded attitude into your challenges, you are offering yourself the ability to see the situation with more clarity and opportunity.

Reframing your attitude promotes a sense of adaptability and triggers a healthier thought process around all the choices or options that may be present. 

Next time an issue arises, allow Captain Jack Sparrow’s words to challenge you.  You may even find an unexpected treasure in the process.