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How to Love Living in the Gray

There is gold within the gray.  Bright, shiny gorgeous gold.  It’s steeping within the gray!

Often though, you may choose to see only the black and the white.  It is one way or the other with little to no consideration of the gray in between.

Why the tendency to skip over the gray?

The black and white is comfortable because it’s familiar.  Two known commodities – all or nothing, this way or that way. 

You may perceive the decision-making process as easier, faster or more cut and dry when weighing something so definitive as yes versus no or this versus that.

Fear of the unknown is also a heavy hitter.  Considering doing something a new way, trying a different process, or evaluating another viewpoint is foreign and could potentially send you into uncharted waters.  The outcome may not feel as predictable, and that uncertainty can be frightening or uncomfortable.

It’s also entirely possible that you just never even thought about the existence of the gray.   Alternatives were never on your radar.

But what are you missing out on if you ignore the gray? 

What are you losing by not dipping into that space of “what else?”

Behind that thin, gray veil of uncertainty is opportunity.  The kind of opportunity that is laced with variety, choice, learning, success, and riches in however you define them.

Challenge yourself with these considerations:

  1.       What other options might be present?
  2.       What other ways can I look at this?
  3.       What judgements am I making about the perceived outcomes? 
  4.       What real evidence do I have for making those judgments?
  5.       What is holding me back from considering alternatives?
  6.       What is the worst that can happen by choosing a different way or thought process?
  7.       What is the likelihood of that worst case scenario?

The real treasures are found within the gray.  Acknowledging and considering other options, choices or viewpoints can unlock golden opportunities.  Step into the gray and allow the freedom and fresh perspective it can bring to your life.