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Free Wellness and Self Care Planner: Printable PDF

Printable wellness and self-care planners provide an effective and realistic way to help maintain accountability and stay motivated to take better care of physical and mental wellbeing.

Practicing self care or establishing a wellness routine are among some of the most important things you can do to support or improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Although the benefit of practicing of self-care tends to be highly regarded, it is often the first thing to suffer during times of stress and life distraction.

Common challenges or anxieties such as work issues, busy schedules, strained relationships or financial pressures can take up your valuable space and energy – leaving what feels like no room to take better care of yourself.

How to make self care a priority

If you have struggled in the past to stay on track with self care routines then utilizing a physical product for personal use, such as a printable wellness planner, may be a great idea to help you to maintain accountability, stay motivated and realize that it is indeed realistic and possible to take better care of yourself.

This Wellness & Self Care Planner, available for download below, has a minimalist, modern design and is structured to help you organize and establish simple, healthy self care habits.

By being intentional with daily planning, you will improve your personal health and wellbeing in a way that feels comfortable, sustainable and inspiring.  

Free Wellness & Self Care Planner

Planner pages include daily, weekly, and monthly self care trackers, gratitude or mindfulness journal pages, prioritization worksheets, a mental cleanse challenge, health and wellness pages including meal planning and exercise as well as inspiring ideas for self care practices and daily positive affirmations.

It is possible to improve daily routines by using these realistic, simple exercises. Mindfully take better care of your physical and mental wellbeing every day by focusing on the little things! 

Your wellness planner bundle includes 9 exercises and 13 printable pdfs:

  • Daily Intentions and Schedule
  • Daily Movement Tracker
  • Daily Water Intake Tracker
  • Daily Mood Tracker
  • Weekly Meal Plan Guide
  • Daily Gratitude Journal
  • Weekly Habit Tracker
  • Priority Matrix Worksheet (Sample + Blank Template)
  • 30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge (Sample + Blank Template)
  • 45 Ways to Practice Self Care
  • 45 Positive Affirmations

Help be the best version of yourself by taking care of YOU.

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Enjoy your printable pages and save as a digital file for future use!

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