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How to Create an Abundance Mindset: 5 Ways to Cultivate More in Your Life

There is not enough. 

Not enough time, wealth, opportunity, courage, control or whatever else you may believe is lacking from your situation or life. We have all had these thoughts, me included. 

Slipping into a scarcity mindset is easy and perhaps even a bit comforting. 

A built-in excuse for everything you believe you lack or can’t have.  Your mind has predetermined that “more” simply doesn’t exist or that the supply is limited.

Belief in such insufficiency, however, is like stepping into quicksand.  Forward progress halts and limiting thoughts pull you in, bringing you down further and further until you see nothing else.  You are stuck.  Completely blind to any existing opportunities that exist.

Focusing on what you believe is lacking can warp or block the view of what you have.  But there is good news!  While you continue to feed into the energy of not having enough, opportunities for more are sitting right beside you.  Your ability to recognize these opportunities is dependent upon your willingness to intentionally flip your perspective.

How to avoid or reduce a scarcity mindset and shift into an abundance mindset. 

Flipping perspective to realize what you do have will shed light on more choices, resources and eventually lead to more of what you want.  The power of your own thoughts is the greatest influence in making this shift.  Depending on your situation, this pivot into an abundance mindset can be accomplished in many ways:

1. Dump any resentment you are carrying

It’s heavy and serves you no purpose other than to weigh you down and keep you stuck.  No matter the situation, there is plenty of success and opportunity to go around.  The quicker you drop the pressure of comparisons and flip your perspective to genuine happiness for the success of others, the lighter your load will feel. Your positive energy will have a greater impact on your own advancement.

2. Take responsibility

Recognize what you have control over and refocus your energy there.  This space is where you will have the greatest impact.  For example, if you want more time, evaluate how and where you are currently spending valuable minutes.  What opens up for you when you begin to account for your time?

3. Be proactive

Strategically plan for what you want more of or run the risk of reacting with poor choices.  Waiting for things to happen as opposed to thinking forward may limit your available options when the time comes.  If you know what you want, how will you better plan for future needs?

4. Embrace learning

Be open to making mistakes.  When things aren’t going as planned acknowledge what could be done differently and use those learnings to highlight a new path forward.  Crave new skill sets and recognize new approaches or possibilities.  Increasing your awareness of alternatives will provide a wealth of options.

5. Practice gratitude

Be intentional about noticing the good. Look for what is going well and pay attention to the resources you do have.  Recognize that resources are not just material items – they are people, events, strengths, and more.  Tap into them and find ways to show your appreciation for their existence.  “Good” is contagious and it will spread, opening more connection and possibility.

Shifting into an abundance mindset takes consistency and practice but the reward is incredibly valuable. When you consciously choose to focus your awareness on all that is present the opportunities become glaringly obvious. Imagine what is possible as you shift to seeing all the options that surround you!