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7 Simple Reasons to Start if You Don’t Feel Ready

Not feeling fully prepared to make that change or take that next step?

If you are waiting until you feel “ready” then you’ll likely be keeping your finger in a constant state of hover over the go button.  Sort of anti-climactic, eh?

I’m not suggesting you carelessly slam your hand down on the button and go full throttle without some thoughtful planning, but there can be huge benefits to starting your engine.

Here are 7 simple reasons to get going:

1. Your time is valuable

Each year, month, week, day that passes is time you cannot get back.  Thinking about what you want to do, without taking any action, is daydreaming. Not acting upon those sweet dreams is costing you something – money, fulfillment, happiness or whatever is at the end of your rainbow.

2. Progress is contagious

A step in the right direction, no matter how small, is motivating.  Forward progress begets more progress.  Once you start to experience some wins, you’ll crave taking that next step repeatedly.  The marathon mentality is your friend here and there is little sweeter than looking back at how far you’ve gone.

3. Learning is a part of the process

You don’t need to know it all, nor should you want to.  Learning provides you with a sense of accomplishment which can lead to all sorts of amazing benefits including increased confidence.  Gathering more knowledge also tends to broaden your circle, upping the likelihood of welcoming in more quality people.

4. Perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of good

It’s tempting to want everything perfectly in place before you begin, but it’s not realistic.  While having a thoughtful plan is responsible, adjustments are inevitable – and should be embraced!

5. Failure feeds into opportunity

Some of the best personal growth results from mistakes made and lessons learned.  And those missteps can lead to better, stronger, more viable ideas and opportunities. 

6. Invest in yourself

Your physical, mental and emotional health is paramount to your well-being.  Delaying something that could be beneficial to those slices of life is like making continuous withdrawals and no deposits.  Eventually there will be nothing left.

7. Build an empowerment mindset

Recognize what you have control over and what can be positively affected by your actions.  The more you action you take, the more opportunity you create to realize your full potential. 

Getting started is the first step in getting anywhere.  Shift your mindset to focus on the benefits of starting and give that go button a healthy push.  You’re ready.