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Establishing an employee wellness program that inspires both overall well-being and employee utilization can be tricky. Running a variety of workplace wellness challenges can help employers foster healthier habits, boost participation among team members and gain the organizational benefits of building a solid employee wellness program. What is a wellness challenge? A wellness challenge is …

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In a perfect world, we would make the best decisions and enjoy the best outcomes every time. But poor decisions or sometimes the wrong decisions are a normal part of life, so what can you do to make more effective decisions or feel more confident in your choices? Here are 15 best practices to you help make a more confident, informed choice when facing the decision making process.

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This printable Wellness & Self Care Planner has a minimalist, modern design structured to help organize and establish simple, healthy self care habits. Planner pages include daily, weekly, and monthly self care trackers, gratitude journal pages, prioritization tools, a mental cleanse challenge, and wellness pages including meal planning, exercise, examples of self care and daily affirmations.

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