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33 Easy Ways for How to Make Money as a Teenager

If you are looking for ways to make extra money as a teenager, the good news is that there are tons of fun and creative ways to earn extra cash!

Long gone are the days of waiting for a birthday or other holidays to collect cash or gift cards. From steady part-time jobs to something more entrepreneurial, exploring different ways to make money as a teen is a great way turn your interests and hobbies into extra income.

Whether you are saving for a car, college or extra spending money, a job creates an opportunity to highlight your talents, learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

Benefits of earning money as a teenager

The benefits of earning extra cash as a young adult go well beyond simply building a bank account. Part-time jobs for teenagers pave the way for greater personal development and provide an opportunity to cultivate important life skills through work experience.

Making money as a teen helps to:

  • Build confidence and empower a growth mindset – First time jobs and making your own money are great ways for teens to boost self-esteem. In “Working and Growing Up in America,” Jeylan T. Mortimer shares the results of her study which followed the lives of over 1,000 high school students. She concluded that young adults who held part-time jobs increased teenage self-confidence and also experienced additional positive benefits.
  • Grows financial independence – Learning how to manage money is an essential life skill and your financial future is just beginning during the teen years. Creating a budget will help to balance your desires for short-term purchases like movie tickets versus budgeting for longer term goals such as college tuition.
  • Teaches responsibility – Learning responsible behaviors is one of the main benefits for teens. Showing up on time, arranging transportation to and from work, and learning how to manage a schedule are all essential responsibilities and good habits for a young person to cultivate.
  • Builds wealth – Saving extra money now can pay huge dividends down the road. While most teens aren’t thinking about retirement, this is the most impactful time to start setting extra cash aside for those golden years! If you are under 18 years of age, consider opening a custodial IRA account and get a massive jump start on your financial future.
  • Improves communication skills – Participating in any type of employment opportunity as a teenager helps to build good people skills. Practicing effective communication with supervisors, fellow coworkers, and customers is a great way to grow your soft skills and learn how to build relationships.

How to earn money as a teenager

Make a list of things that interest you.

Think about your strengths and what you are good at, or any special talents or hobbies you have.

Decide what type of work or opportunity you would you like to pursue.

Consider the resources you may need to pursue these opportunities – things like access to transportation, equipment or supplies, flyer creation, or social media accounts.

Put yourself out there! Network with people in your community and ask about potential opportunities.

Prepare for any interview opportunities. Practice effective communication by becoming aware of things like your body language, eye contact and speech.

Ways to Make Money as a Teenager

There are a lot of legitimate ways, accessible part-time jobs, or entrepreneurial side hustles to start making money as a teen. Whether you want to be your own boss, don’t have much time, or prefer something more structured, there is an opportunity out there for you.

Here are 33 ideas to make money as a teenager to help get you going!

1. Become a tutor

Whether you are a star student or excel in a particular subject, tutoring other students is a great option to earn extra money, offer support and help build the confidence of others. Check with your guidance counselor at school to inquire about potential opportunities to make quick connections.

2. Give music lessons

If you play a musical instrument, offering music lessons can be an easy way to earn extra income while doing something you love. Visit local music shops to ask if you can post flyers or email local band and orchestra directors for faster networking opportunities.

3. Offer sports lessons

If are an experienced athlete, consider offering lessons to younger kids who are just starting out or exploring a particular sport. For a larger or more lucrative side hustle, pair up with other local athletes to run a day long clinic.

4. Get certified to be an umpire

Calling all baseball and softball players! This is an amazing opportunity to participate in the game you love, connect with your community, and make great money! There are different levels of umpiring, but most opportunities begin at the youth level. Research the certification requirements in your area and register for the program that fits you best.

5. Work in a restaurant

Many restaurants will hire kids as young as 14 years of age for roles such as bussing tables, dishwashing, hosting or taking phone orders. Depending on the type of work you do in the restaurant you may also be eligible to receive tips!

6. Offer pet sitting services

People with pets are often looking for reliable, responsible individuals to care for their pets. If you are an animal lover, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter to gain experience caring for animals and build your references. Then reach out to neighbors and other potential clients to network and let them know you are available for pet sitting services.

7. Become a dog walker

Dog walking provides an opportunity to earn money while providing a necessary service! While dog owners adore their furry friends, they don’t always have the necessary time it takes to exercise them. You should be enthusiastic about caring for animals and understand the time commitment involved before plunging into the realm of dog walking.

Join an online platform like to advertise your services or go grass roots and create flyers to post in local pet supply stores, grocery stores, coffee shops and throughout the neighborhood. Posting on social media platforms is a great way to spread the word about your new dog walking side hustle as well!

8. Offer house sitting services

House sitting is a relatively easy way to make money but watching over someone’s home carries a high level of responsibility. Services typically include things like taking in the mail, watering plants, light yard work and even some overnights. Consider reaching out to other family members or family friends to gain your first client. From there you can begin to build a solid reference list and offer your services to a broader audience.

9. Do yardwork

The opportunities are endless when offering yard work services! Typical services include grass cutting, weeding, mulching, and raking leaves. If you live in a cold weather climate, don’t forget to offer snow shoveling as well.

10. Become a lifeguard

If you are at least 15 years of age, and have good swim skills, you are eligible to enroll in the American Red Cross lifeguard certification class. Gain valuable life saving skills and enjoy working in the warm sunshine!

11. Provide swim lessons

Many parents of young kids seek out swim instructors to help their children learn to swim or become better swimmers. One of the best ways to become a reputable swim instructor is to take a Water Safety Instructor course, offered by organizations such as the American Red Cross. Teaching younger children how to swim is a great way to build your confidence as well as improve your communication skills.

12. Invest

Investing is a terrific way to earn extra money by building your wealth. Even if you don’t have much free time now to work part-time jobs, investing money as a teenager will help to create extra income for your future. Visit your local bank to learn more about different ways to invest and what options are available to you. In some cases, it doesn’t take much money or initial investment to begin.

13. Babysit or become a parent helper

Finding the right babysitter is so important to a family. Bring extra peace of mind to the families you work with by enrolling in a certification course and learn valuable skills to help you build a better babysitting business. Babysitting certification courses are designed for ages 11-15 and are offered through the American Red Cross. Learn how to prepare for emergencies, how to choose age-appropriate activities and how to navigate typical child behaviors.

Becoming a parent helper is also a wonderful opportunity to make money while doing simple tasks. Whether it’s unpacking groceries, playing with the kids, folding laundry, or helping with homework, parent helper services are in high demand!

14. Offer transportation services

Kids have demanding schedules! Between sports practices, music lessons, play practice, scouts, tutoring and play dates, parents are often spending valuable time either in the car or planning carpools. If you are of driving age, consider offering transportation services to busy families to make extra cash.

15. Offer technical support

Teenagers are often great with computers and navigating other devices. Offer your tech skills for troubleshooting on up through content creation. Promote your services on social media platforms or go grassroots by posting flyers around town. If you engage with online platforms such as Fiverr, be sure to check on their rules around age restrictions first.

16. Turn a culinary talent into a small business

Love baking? Great with meal prep? Turn your love of cooking into a part-time business venture! Sign up to sell your items at a local farmer’s market or advertise your services on social media platforms. Not only will you earn extra income, but you will also be learning valuable business skills.

17. Become a golf caddy

If you live in an area with access to a golf course, becoming a golf caddy can be very lucrative. In addition to earning a regular wage you may also earn some great tips and pick up great pointers for your own game.

18. Work at your local gym or YMCA

Teenagers with a passion for health and fitness should check out job opportunities at their local gym, YMCA, or activity center. Many facilities provide free membership for their employees as well so it’s a wonderful way to save money as well as earn money!

19. Wash cars

People love it when their cars look clean but don’t often have the spare time to wash them. Offer to bring your car wash services directly to their driveway. All you need is access to a spigot and your own cleaning supplies. Create flyers and distribute them to every home in your neighborhood!

20. Flip household items

Flipping household items involves finding items to sell, fixing them up and then selling them for more money than you paid. Not only can you do this around your own schedule, but flipping items can also be very profitable. Start by looking around your own home and asking your parents if there are items they would be willing to let you flip. Other ideas include visiting a flea market, scoping out yard sales or checking out online marketplaces for great items to flip.

21. Resell your old clothes

Selling gently used clothes on Poshmark and other resale sites has become an extremely popular way for how to make money without a job. Teens can simply go through their closet, choose the items they want to sell, and upload pictures to resale sites. Check out your local consignment shops and thrift stores for selling opportunities as well.

22. Resell gently worn sneakers

There are several options available to teens who want to resell their gently used sneakers online. Popular online platforms for sneaker resale include GOAT, StockX and Grailed. These sites will keep a portion of your profit but may also attract more buyers since they authenticate sneakers for interested shoppers. Other options include using an online marketplace, like Facebook Marketplace, or Instagram, where you can create posts with your own pictures and detailed descriptions while you also keep 100% of your profits.

23. Have a yard sale or run a virtual yard sale

Make extra money by selling gently used items you don’t need or want any more. Be sure to promote your yard sale by posting signs around highly trafficked areas as well as posting to social media accounts. Price your items appropriately but keep in mind that your old stuff is someone else’s treasure!

24. Vlog

Teens who feel comfortable on video can turn their love for the camera into extra cash by creating video tutorials. Set up your vlog on social media platforms, such as YouTube, and get paid to share a particular skill! Whether you know how to apply flawless makeup, can teach basketball dribbling skills, or rock easy ways to figure out algebra, the sky is the limit with vlogging. Market your helpful techniques by creating your own YouTube channel or uploading your videos to various online platforms!

25. Start a blog or become a freelance writer

Blogging can be a fun way to earn money, but it takes a considerable amount of time to grow the volume of readers needed to monetize your site. While you build a following, consider using affiliate links as a side hustle or even freelance writing other blog posts where you can charge by the word. Teens who love to write, or have knowledge of SEO, will find this type of work very fulfilling and enjoyable.

26. Help with household organization or cleanout

Most people need extra help keeping things organized or figuring out how to declutter. If you’re a teen that has a knack for sorting, consolidating, or organizing then this is a perfect service to offer! Depending on the size of the job it can be a time-consuming task, so make sure to understand the time commitment in advance. You can also be flexible in how you charge for your services – by the hour, by the box or even a flat fee per room.

27. Run local errands

It can sometimes be the simple tasks that overwhelm busy families the most! Create your own “neighborhood helper” service and offer to run around-the-town errands. Drop off the dry cleaning, pick up an online order from the local grocery store, stop at the post office, or drop the donations off at the thrift store! Whether it’s one errand or ten, you are providing a valuable service and earning extra money at the same time.

28. Summer camp counselor

Love working with kids? Becoming a summer camp counselor is one of the best ways to engage with young kids while making a difference and earning extra money! If you are considering a career in education or anything related to working with young people, working as a camp counselor is also a great resume builder.

29. Use cash back apps

If you are going to spend your hard-earned dollars then make sure to shop wisely by using cash back apps. Check out popular apps like Rakuten and Ibotta. They have a large inventory of participating stores and brands and offer extra bonus cash back during certain times of the year, like during Black Friday sales. Using cash back apps is a simple way to get paid for things you already spend money on!

30. Create your own Etsy shop to sell crafts and handmade items

For teens that are creative or enjoy making homemade items, Etsy is a great place to turn your hobby into extra income. Popular items include favors for birthday parties, personalized gifts, and unique home décor. If you have a knack for graphic design, coloring pages and other printables are also trending items.

31. Take surveys

Participating in online surveys can be a great way to earn a few extra dollars of spending money or gift cards to your favorite stores. It’s also something you can do from anywhere and create your own schedule. Survey junkie is a reputable and legitimate website where people can share their reviews and opinions in exchange for small rewards or points towards gift cards. Swagbucks operates similarly with cash back options as well as gift cards for taking surveys.

While it’s possible to earn extra cash on both sites, the downside is that it can be time consuming. There are several survey sites out there but just make sure you are using a legitimate service with good reviews before jumping in.

32. Sell your photography or photo editing services

Photo editing services is one of the best ways for a photography lover to make extra cash. If you are a student taking a photography class, providing photo editing is a great way to practice the skills you are learning in the classroom. If you are a more gifted photographer, consider selling your photos on creator sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Unsplash.

33. Offer gardening services

Teenagers who have a green thumb and a love of the outdoors will thrive in any type of gardening job opportunity! Visit your local gardening supply stores or even fruit and vegetable farms to inquire about potential jobs.

Or take your passion for gardening down an entrepreneurial path and offer your services to neighbors and family friends. Plant vegetables or flowers and teach them how to manage their crops or offer to manage them throughout the season.

Tips for making money as a teenager

Becoming financially independent and making your own money is exciting and empowering. But there are some key things to keep in mind to be successful.

Keep your parents in the loop!

Your parents need to be aware of your plans and what you are doing. Whether you are considering more traditional jobs or trying to make money online, your parents can provide valuable guidance. It is always a great idea to keep the lines of communication open about your schedule, especially if you rely on your parents or other family members for transportation.

Open a savings account

If you don’t already have a savings account, now is the perfect time to set one up. Once the paychecks start rolling in, you will need a safe place to keep your money. Putting a portion of your check into a savings account is a great way to ensure that you’re planning for your future and practicing good money management.

Have a growth mindset

Sometimes the best opportunities are found outside of your comfort zone. Trying new things leads to learning and learning leads to personal growth! Those opportunities can bring new connections and expose you to further financial potential.

Create a professional email address

If you are working online in any capacity, or creating any small businesses, having a professional email account is necessary. It will create a good, professional first impression as well as help to keep you organized and separate from your personal information.

Ready to start making extra money as a teen?

It’s important to remember that great opportunities and good jobs are all around you! Be creative and keep an open mind. Ask for help when you need it and don’t feel pressured to make a lot of money. Working as a teen is an opportunity to cultivate soft skills, learn how to build self-esteem, and manage responsibilities while making a little extra cash.

Enjoy the experience!