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Cultivating Supportive Habits

“Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived.”
– James Clear

If you haven’t cultivated supportive and sustainable habits, chances are it’s going to be tough to see progress.

And not experiencing progress may lead to all sorts of frustration which can further derail your best intentions.

Supportive habits are the backbone to your progress and, if cultivated well, they are likely to become hardwired into daily living – ultimately leading to that progress you’re after!

How do you grow and nurture habits that are supportive? 

Yes, it’s crucial that supportive habits be aligned with your goals…but they should also resonate with who you are and how you work best.  In other words, cultivate positive habits that are authentic to you. Do not just arbitrarily copy what appears to work for other people. 

Think about it – if you want to incorporate more exercise into your lifestyle but you absolutely despise group exercise, how realistic is it that you will develop a habit of going to a body pump class three mornings a week because your friend successfully lost weight there?  While it’s always good to try new things, evaluate and see if it’s something you feel connected to enough in order to sustain it. 

Connect with your habits to commit to your habits.

If you don’t feel a connection to the habit you’re trying to develop, then ask yourself:

“What other habits can I commit to exploring that resonate better with me yet still support my overall goal?”

Supportive habits don’t have to be monumental.  They just need to be reasonable enough to sustain.  If that body pump class sounds like something that will end up written on your calendar yet never attended, then what else feels more sensible or attractive?  Maybe you prefer to get your movement in by walking and want to consider incorporating something more practical for your schedule like…

  •          Adding in a 10-15 minute walk twice a day with your dog?
  •          An opportunity to take a conference call off camera and get a mile in on the treadmill?
  •          Taking the stairs instead of the elevator?
  •          Parking 2-3 rows further away from the store entrance?
  •          Walking the parking lot while waiting for your child to finish practice?

Committing to what you like and what feels realistic for you is a great first step towards cultivating positive, supportive habits that will ultimately become hardwired into your lifestyle and lead to progress. 

And remember, progress can be measured in a multitude of ways.  It’s not always about what you can see but also how you feel.  The better you feel physically, mentally or emotionally, the more likely you are to want to continue on that path.  Take notice to which of your habits are not only supportive but also sustainable!