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Stop Trying So Hard

Mindset is a powerful thing.  But your approach is just as powerful. 

Even the healthiest of mindsets can be weighed down by a counteractive approach. And then boom…you find yourself right back at the same brick wall.

How many times have you “tried” to do something that was important to you?  Maybe you have tried to live a healthier lifestyle?  Tried to become more organized?  Tried to better a relationship?

We all try at a lot of things.  And I’m confident there is a ton of good intention behind those tries.  But often there is not a ton of success.  And when we aren’t successful, the blame game ensues, and the failure is tagged to various internal or external factors.

“I really tried, but… (insert the excuse of your choice).”

What might change if you stopped trying so hard and instead started committing to doing the things that are important to you?

Read that again.  Get it?

There is a huge difference between “trying” to do something and “committing” to doing something.  True story, even Webster’s dictionary says so!

Trying is defined as attempting.  Committing is defined by words such as pledging, devoting and dedicating. 

So, think about it … what does it mean to you to truly commit to something? How does commitment feel versus making an attempt?

How would you action plan for goals differently if you told yourself you were going to commit to achieving them rather than try achieving them?

What would accountability look like for you if you started devoting yourself to achieving your goals versus just attempting to achieve them? 

How does dedicating yourself to achieving your goals change how you feel about the importance or significance of being successful?

Don’t overlook the impact of a quick shift in perspective to your approach – and stop meeting up with that same old brick wall!