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Welcome to the Robyn Marie Coaching Community!

Enjoy exclusive free tips & resources designed to help move you forward.

50 Mindfulness Journal Prompts for More Self-Awareness

Journaling is one of the most effective mindfulness activities to help build self-awareness.

Here are 50 mindfulness journal prompts to kickstart your reflections and bring more ease to the powerful tool of mindfulness journaling.

Wellness & Self Care Planner: Printable PDF

This Wellness & Self Care Planner has a minimalist, modern design and is structured to help you organize and establish simple, healthy self care habits. By being intentional with daily planning, you will improve your personal health and wellbeing in a way that feels comfortable, sustainable and inspiring.

Planner pages include daily, weekly, and monthly self care trackers, gratitude or mindfulness journal pages, prioritization worksheets, a mental cleanse challenge, health and wellness pages including meal planning and exercise as well as inspiring ideas for self care practices and daily affirmations.

52 Week Organizing Challenge

Welcome to the 52 week challenge for a more organized life and home!

You can begin today by downloading the 52 week organizing challenge in a simple, monthly checklist.

RMC Priority Matrix Worksheet Workbook

Using a priority matrix will help take each thing that is on your plate and place it into a specific category – Quick Wins, Major Projects, Fill-Ins, or Thankless Tasks.

Going through the process of identifying each task and which category it fits into will immediately provide you with a visual of how to best allocate your time.  Additionally, asking yourself a few questions associated with each category may open your mind to approaching certain tasks differently and more efficiently!

Your download includes two templates, one that is pre-filled with suggested activities and one customizable, blank template.

30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge Template

A mental cleanse is the process of clearing your mind, or freeing up enough space in your cluttered thoughts, to achieve better presence, balance, or peace.

Download your free 30-day mental cleanse challenge template and get started today on your own personal mental detox! Your download includes two templates, one that is pre-filled with suggested activities and one customizable, blank template.

25 Daily Habit Trackers to Stay Accountable

Whether you are on the journey of developing new habits, or sustaining good habits, a great way to stay accountable to that positive change is by using a simple habit tracker.

Using a printable habit tracker can be a great tool and a fun way to stay the course.

Click below to download 25 free printable habit trackers and get started today!

24 Journal Prompts for Goal Setting

Journaling your goal setting thoughts and ideas can be a powerful way to jumpstart your motivation, prioritize actions and focus your mindset.

Here are 24 different prompts to get you started and pointed in the right direction – towards achieving success!

“Wheel Of Life” Coaching Tool Worksheet

The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool commonly used to help individuals evaluate their level of satisfaction across 8 different dimensions of life – Health and Fitness, Relationships, Finances, Career, Family and Friends, Emotional Well-Being, Social and Leisure and Personal Growth. Evaluating each dimension allows you to visually see which aspects of life are off balance and will benefit from goal setting.

Download the “Wheel of Life” and learn where to start focusing your goals for the greatest impact!

SMART Goals Worksheet

Create a framework for your goals by utilizing this effective tool to organize your thoughts and build a realistic action plan.

The SMART goal worksheet (which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) methodically walks you through each component of a goal and creates a structure to support your success.