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Establishing an employee wellness program that inspires both overall well-being and employee utilization can be tricky. Running a variety of workplace wellness challenges can help employers foster healthier habits, boost participation among team members and gain the organizational benefits of building a solid employee wellness program. What is a wellness challenge? A wellness challenge is …

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The practice of checking-in during traditional team meetings, huddles, stand-ups, or one-on-one meetings is a great way to quickly reconnect and engage with team members. The right meeting check-in questions go beyond simply providing status updates and help to stimulate feedback, identify potential challenges, promote effective communication, build rapport, and even increase team morale and …

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Active listening is a soft skill that benefits you in the workplace as well as in personal relationships. It is a communication process where you absorb information that is shared and then signal back – through body language, tonality, and relevant questions – that you heard what was shared. Beyond hearing someone, active listening dives deep into understanding what is being said to build trust.

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Effective leadership not only benefits the organization or group, but a leader with good leadership skills positively impacts the lives of those they manage. Some of the most important leadership skills are emotional intelligence, active listening, critical thinking, conflict management and accepting feedback. Here are 15 best ways to improve your leadership skills to achieve better outcomes.

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Workplace stress is present in all industries and, if not addressed, can lead to poor employee health – costing you and your employer big time. But good health goes beyond optimizing your physical health. A balanced focus towards overall health is one that includes enhancing and protecting your mental health as well. A well-balanced workplace wellness program builds a culture of wellness and respect for the mind, body, and soul.

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