Volunteer Work

60+ Ideas for Teen


Volunteerism develops a sense of connection and positive citizenship.  It helps create a mutually beneficial relationship between young people and organizations, within the local community as well as globally. Click below for a full list of volunteer opportunities!

Benefits of  Volunteer Work

* Increased self-esteem * Greater sense of purpose * Builds empathy * Strengthens college applications * Grows leadership qualities * Expands social network * Reduces stress and anxiety Click below for a over 60 volunteer work ideas!

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

1. American Red Cross Red Cross Youth offers specific niche volunteer opportunities just for teens and high school students. Click below for a full list of volunteer organizations in your community!

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

2. Local animal shelters Is your teen an animal lover? Help care for or clean the shelter animals! Other options may include organizing drives for supplies such as pet food, blankets, and toys. Click below for more amazing volunteer ideas!

Want more great ideas for volunteer work?  Click below for 60+  best volunteer ideas for teens!