Volunteer Opportunities

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Why volunteering is important

Community organizations rely on volunteers to provide vital services and assistance to the individuals they serve. Click below for a list of great volunteer opportunities!

Benefits of volunteering

* Builds confidence and self-esteem * Learn new skills * Make new friends * Develop leadership skills *Strengthens college applications * Encourages empathy * Fosters a sense of purpose * Identifies new interests and passions * Reduces stress and anxiety Click below for 61 different volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer opportunities for teens

1. Local animal shelter Attention animal lovers! Help to care for or clean the animals, or organizing drives for supplies such as pet food, blankets, and toys. Click below for 60+ great volunteer ideas!

Volunteer opportunities for teens

2. Food Banks From food sorting to organizing a food drive, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Click below for 60+ great volunteer ideas!

Click below to read the best volunteer opportunities for teens! Including tons of links to organizations in your own community!