Transformational Leadership Style

A transformational leader... * seeks to understand what motivates each team member. * adapts their management style to accommodate the different motivations of their team.  * have a strong level of commitment to the purpose of company.

Transformational leaders... * motivate their team by instilling that strong sense of purpose and passion in their work. * help team members align their own personal goals with those geared towards company success. * encourage team members  to challenge assumption and feel empowered to share feedback.

Advantages of a transformational leadership style: – May be an effective way to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, which may also lead to greater productivity. – Encourages culture of growth where input and ideas are valued. – Inspires team members by connecting them to purpose and passion.

Disadvantages of a transformational leadership style: – Big-picture focus can minimize essential details or overlook issues with day-to-day tasks and crucial details may get lost in the mix. – Opportunity for employee burnout may be higher if work-life balance isn’t encouraged and monitored.