Creative ways to run better

There are tons of great ways to keep your team engaged by using fun out of the box meeting ideas and other team building activities. Click below to learn how to create an effective meeting!

#1 Skill Swap Each team member gets 10-15 minutes of agenda time to showcase a particular skill they would like to share. Click below to learn instructions for the Skill Swap activity.

#2 Appreciation Opener Begin each meeting by recognizing a team member for their accomplishments or contributions to the group. Click below for ways to show employee appreciation.

#3 Two Truths and a Lie Some ice breakers can feel like a chore, but this is a fun way for team members to get to know each other and have a few laughs at the same time. Click below for instructions on how to play this engaging game!

Click below for the full list of 21 out of the box meeting ideas to make your next meeting fun and creative!