Leadership Activities

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Developing leadership skills

Structured team building activities can be a fun way practice things like communication skills, active listening, and problem-solving techniques. Click below for a full list of leadership activities examples!

Using team building games can help develop leadership by showing how to work toward a common goal with other team members. Click below for a full list of  team building activities!

Team building activities for leadership

Fun Leadership Activities

#1. Minefield Minefield is a leadership exercise helps you to stop and think about how to be clear, concise and provide instruction in a way that is easy for others to understand. Click below for the full instructions!

#2. Lego Building Activity The lego building activity is a leadership exercise that promotes effective communication, leveraging individual strengths within a group, and inspires teams to work together to achieve a common goal. Click below for the full instructions!

#3 Group Volunteering Helping others creates a unique opportunity to gain different perspectives, build relationships and interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of gratitude. Click below to learn how to organize group volunteering!

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