How to Journal

Easy ways to learn

Journaling is a great way to help build self-awareness. But staring at a blank page can sometimes feel intimidating making it difficult to get started. Click below 7 easy ways to start journaling today!

How to start journaling

– It increases your flow of positive thoughts – It can be done anywhere and requires no special equipment. – It can be done at any time and doesn’t require much time. – It is little to no cost. Click below to learn 7 easy ways to start journaling!

Benefits of journaling

Journaling can be done in any way that feels right to you! There are tons of journaling methods to help get you started and meet you wherever your comfort level lies. Click below to learn different journaling methods!

Examples of journaling

#1 Bullet Journaling Often filled with tasks, calendar items, colorful doodles, inspirational quotes, or anything else you may find motivating or grounding, bullet journaling is also a popular and effective way to stay accountable to your goals. Click below to learn how to bullet journal!

Examples of journaling

#2 Key Word Prompts Having a brief list of key word prompts, phrases or questions can be a great way to ignite some journaling inspiration. Journal prompts can also be useful to help slow down or collect your thoughts. Click below to get a free list of journal prompts!

Examples of journaling

Learning to journal can be fun and easy! Click below to learn the best journaling methods and access to a list of free journal prompts!