Growth Mindset

Activities to promote a

A growth mindset is when an individual has the belief or perspective that they can develop or improve their abilities, intelligence, or talents. Click below to learn the difference between a growth mindset and fixed mindset.

Some benefits of a growth mindset are:Embrace change with more easeIncreased levels of confidence and self-esteemExperience less stress Click below to learn more benefits of a growth mindset.

Best activities to promote a growth mindset: #1 Try a 30-day challenge A great way to try and establish a new habit, or learn something new, is to participate in a 30-day challenge. Click below for great 30-day challenge ideas!

#2 Feedback Partner Activity Feedback, one of the best practices for self-improvement, helps provide fresh insights and an opportunity for greater development. Click below to learn a simple feedback partner activity!

Click below to learn all 10 activities to promote a growth mindset!