Confidence Building Activities

for Kids

A lack of self-confidence is not uncommon during adolescence and can lead to issues with peers, school performance and decision making.  Societal expectations, chronic criticism and bullying can all contribute to low self-esteem. Click below for a great list of confidence building activities for kids!

Causes of low self-esteem in kids

Growing up in a world of smart phones and social media scrolling means our teens are constantly bombarded with information.  That information, real or not, can greatly influence their beliefs.   Get a full list of confidence building activities for kids by clicking below!

Impact of social media

Building a child’s self-esteem will take consistent effort over time.   Engaging with your child and partnering with them on this journey will provide the support they need.   Click below to help motivate them with these confidence building activities...

How to build self-confidence in your child

1. Create a "Wall of Fame" 2. Explore a new hobby 3. Practice positive body language 4. Be kind to your body 5. Check on their circle and identify a mentor

Best Activities to Build Self-Confidence

6. Pay it forward and volunteer 7. Create a self-appreciation chart 8. Incorporate daily exercise or movement 9. Introduce mindfulness techniques 10. Tap into music

Best Activities to Build Self-Confidence

Want to help building your child's confidence? Click below for a detailed list of great confidence building activities your child will love!