What is a Coaching Leadership Style?

A coaching leader... * invests time and energy into developing others * helps team members understand the importance each person holds and how each role plays a part in the overall team strategy

Coach leaders... * identify and optimize individual strengths * provide constructive feedback to help improve upon any weaknesses * focus heavily on personal development and a person’s long-term potential

Advantages of a coaching leadership style: – An effective approach to growing confidence levels of individuals as well as teams. – Empowers a team spirit type of environment where everyone has a role and understands how working together yields greater success. – Fosters tight-knit groups that have a high sense of accomplishment.

Disadvantages of a coaching leadership style: – Can be a time-consuming leadership style due to its highly personalized nature, which may also lead to time management issues. – Requires team members to be open to change, challenge, and personal development.