50 Healthy Self Care Ideas and Activities for Teens

Importance of Self-Care for Teens

Developing a self-care routine is one of the best ways to honor your physical health, mental well-being, and emotional health. A solid self-care routine helps teenagers thrive and find balance. The positive effects of self-care activities teach life skills that help teens self-regulate through typical stresses, anxieties and difficult times of confusion or feeling overwhelmed.

Benefits of regular self-care for young adults

Developing healthy habits of self-care can bring tremendous health benefits and improve overall well-being including: – Increased self-esteem – Better relationships – Higher levels of confidence – Stress reduction – Better physical health – Elevated mood – Increased energy levels

Examples of self care ideas for teens

1. Find a mentor 2. Establish a bedtime or nighttime routine 3. Take a social media break 4. Eat a healthy diet 5. Create a daily skin care routine

Examples of self care ideas for teens

6. Listen to your favorite music 7. Start a bullet journal 8. Practice positive self-talk daily 9. Engage in regular physical activity 10. Create art or do something creative

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